Questions & Answers of Маsk Orders

  • Q: Can I place a face mаsk order now?

    A: Yes, you can. Our factory is one of the chosen manufacturers to help government producing epidemic prevention supplies, so our production hasn't stopped ever since. As soon as the traffic control is over, delivery will be arranged in order.

  • Q: Which kind of face mаsk can you supply? How about packing?

    A: Our face mаsks are made of 100% new material, 2 ply non-woven, blue or white color and melt-blown PP (filter). You can check the packing details in the "Packaging & Shipping" part.

  • Q: Your price is too high, can I get a cheaper price?

    A: To be honest, we also think the price is very very high now. It is easy to buy face mаsk with 0.014USD/pc before the virus breakout. But now mаsk production has been affected in China by the virus, the whole world is short of mаsks. So, even you pay 1USD/pC, you can hardly find any suppliers in your local city, cause most of them bought from China. Mаsk production capacity is limited, buyers are far beyond suppliers now. Besides, the raw material, packing box, shipping cost and labor cost all have being increasing since weeks ago.

  • Q: What's your production capacity? When will you start to produce my order?

    A: We can produce 100,000pcs face mаsk every day. But as one of most important mаsk suppliers in our city, we have to finish government mission first, then we will start produce orders in order.

  • Q: If I order 100,000pcs, when I can get it?

    A: A lot of orders are waiting for production, they will be arranged in the order of payment. Receiving time depends on shipping way. If ship by air, it takes 3-7days. If ship by sea, it depends on your destination port.

  • Q: Is it available to do customization?

    A: Yes, it is acceptable. But we do not suggest you do that at this moment, customized orders take at least 10 more days to produce than regular orders.

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